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  • Thysanolaena maxima - Tiger Grass plant

Thysanolaena maxima

Common Names: 
Tiger Grass


Typical Height: 
Typical Stem Size: 
Min Temperature: 

Horticultural Uses

Privacy Screening
Windbreak / Noise Barrier
Ornamental / Feature

Outstanding Features

Very large dark green foliage forming from a very tight clump and mushrooming out.

Product Description

Tiger Grass is not a Bamboo but performs very similar to them. It has a very tight clump so can be used as a low screen or hedge. Tiger Grass does seed, but can be trimmed back occasionally to keep a tidy appearance if preferred. The striking large leaves provide a brilliant feature in a tropical garden.







Available Plant Sizes

(~1 - 1.5m tall) $33.00
(~1.5 - 2m tall) $55.00
(~ 2.5-3m tall) $77.00