Price Vs Size

The price of the plant in a container doesn't determine the size and quality. The height and thickness of the largest stems in the container determin how advanced the plant is. Relevent to the variety.

Growing Bamboo Plants in Pots

Bamboo can make an effective screen or feature when grown in a container. It is important that the correct species and container is chosen, and that water and nutrients are provided regulally. 

Bamboo Planting Tips

Bamboo can be planted at any time of the year. During the hot months it is important to ensure that they receive plenty of water around the roots for the weeks after planting as the temperature can be substantially more demanding on the plants. 


Welcome to Living Bamboo

Living Bamboo is a production nursery specialising in growing quality clumping bamboo. We aim to provide information on the many clumping varieties we sell and educate the public about this highly versatile plant.