Growing Bamboo in Pots

Growing Clumping Bamboo in a pot or trough is possible so long as the correct species is selected. While they are easier to keep looking good if grown in part shade, it is possible to have healthy looking potted bamboo plants growing in the full sun. The best bamboo for pot growing are the smaller varieties.

Featured Plant

Boniopsis: A very hardy, tight bushy clump with a slight open form at the top. Great for tight spaces, or growing in containers.

2018 New Years Specials

Welcome to 2018. It has so far been a wonderful growing season for bamboo. Check out our early year specails.

Welcome to Living Bamboo

Living Bamboo is a production nursery specialising in growing quality clumping bamboo. We aim to provide information on the many clumping varieties we sell and educate the public about this highly versatile plant.