• Bambusa spp. Albo-striata
  • Bambusa spp. Albo-striata
  • Bambusa spp. Albo-striata

Bambusa spp. Albo-striata

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Horticultural Uses

Privacy Screening
Grow In Pot
Windbreak / Noise Barrier

Outstanding Features

A dense clump of attractive gold stripped culms is one of the outstanding features of Goldstripe Bamboo. Goldstripe will grow well in confined spaces such as planter boxes and retained gardens, and being very cold tolerant it is a good option for the cooler areas of Australia. The light colour of the underside of the leaves creates a striking effect when blowing in the breeze.

Product Description

Goldstripe or Albo-striata is not to be mistaken for Multiplex Goldstripe. Although they carry many similar features, the Multiplex variety will only grow to 4m.
Goldstripe or Albo-striata is a fast growing upright variety of clumping bamboo that is primarily used as a privacy screen. Its thick clumping habit and dense foliage lends perfectly to this, while also providing the aesthetic value of its gold striped culms. Goldstripe is easily hedged or it can be planted as a graceful feature plant.

            Recommended Plant Spacings to create a full screen: 1.5m






Available Plant Sizes

~ 1.5 - 2m tall $33.00
~ 2 - 3m tall $44.00
~ 3 - 3.5m tall $66.00
~ 3.5 - 4m tall $99.00
~ 4m+ tall $132.00