• Bamboo for retained areas
  • Bamboo for upright screen
  • Beautiful stripped stems

Bambusa multiplex cv. Goldstripe

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Typical Height: 
Typical Stem Size: 
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Horticultural Uses

Privacy Screening
Grow In Pot

Outstanding Features

Fast growing upright screen. Thin green stems with a golden strips. Lots of dark green foliage with a silvery blue back.

Product Description

Multiplex Goldstripe has fast become one of the more popular varieties of bamboo to be used as a midsized (single story) privacy screen. It will easily fit into small spaces, grow in a retained garden or in large pots. It is super vigorous, exceptionally hardy and grows as well in the southern areas of Australia as it does in the tropics.    

            Recommended Plant Spacings to create a full screen: 1.5m


Available Plant Sizes

~ 1 - 1.5m tall $55.00
~ 1.5 - 2.5m tall $77.00
~ 3 - 4m tall $110.00
~ 3.5 - 4.5m tall $143.00
~ 5m tall $231.00