• Bambusa lako
  • Bambusa lako
  • Bambusa lako

Bambusa lako

Common Names: 
Timor Black


Typical Height: 
Typical Stem Size: 
Min Temperature: 

Horticultural Uses

Privacy Screening
Windbreak / Noise Barrier
Ornamental / Feature

Outstanding Features

Beautiful glossy black culms with irregular green striations. A non-invasive variety with short branches that form mid way up the culms and continue to the top, bearing long pendulous green leaves.

Product Description

Stunning as an ornamental, it is perfect for tropical & Asian gardens or as a striking architectural feature plant in any modern garden. Also forms an impressive privacy screen or hedge and can be used as a noise, spray or dust barrier. Timor has edible new shoots and its timber is used in the production of musical instruments and other crafts.

            Recommended Plant Spacings to create a full screen: 2m

SALE: Timor Black. ~5+m tall. Was $198ea, now $165ea

Available Plant Sizes

~ 1.5 - 2m tall $77.00
~ 2.5 - 3m tall $110.00
~ 4+m tall $143.00
~ 5m+ tall $165.00