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Bambusa boniopsis

Common Names: 
Bonnie Bamboo, Boniopsis


Typical Height: 
Typical Stem Size: 
Min Temperature: 

Horticultural Uses

Privacy Screening
Grow In Pot

Outstanding Features

A tight bushy clump with a slight open form at the top. Bonnie Bamboo has beautiful deep green foliage with a silvery underside which gives it a great effect when moving with the wind.

Product Description

Used as a hedge or small screen. Also used as a beautiful standalone feature plant. Grows well in a contained environment such as a retained garden bed or pot. The thin canes can be used as stakes.

            Recommended Plant Spacings to create a full screen: 1 to 1.5m

Available Plant Sizes

~0.5 - 1m tall $44.00
~ 1 - 2m tall $55.00
~ 2 - 3m tall $88.00
~ 3 - 3.5m tall $110.00
~3.5 - 4m tall $176.00