About Us

Living Bamboo is located in Brisbane, nestled in the beautiful Samford Valley, north of Brisbane. The sub-tropical climate creates the perfect environment for growing many varieties of bamboo.

From experience, we know which varieties are suitable for different environments in Australia. For example, for dry climate areas we supply bamboo varieties to meet the demand for drought resilient plants. Our bamboo stocks include Giant Bamboo, Weeping and Variegated varieties, Shrub and Dwarf Bamboo and the ‘bamboo look-a-like’ species such as Tiger Grass. If we do not have a variety that you want, let us know and we will do our best to source it for you.

We are passionate about the aesthetic and practical purposes of bamboo. We see ourselves as a sympathetic resource for people seeking advice and information about the distinctive qualities of bamboo. The ecology of our environment needs to be protected and we take professional pride in being able to provide sustainable, renewable highly versatile plants, resilient to pests and disease.

Customers have used our bamboo as a focal point in landscaping, to create screens for shade and privacy, as hedges for garden borders, to limit erosion, as grey water filtration and also to sop up water in sandy, wet areas.

At ‘Living Bamboo’ we provide a high level of service. Satisfied customers include Plant Nurseries, Landscapers, Landscape Architects and Environmental and Commercial organisations. In addition, we have met the diverse requirements of many individual customers across Australia. Our delivery service is nationwide with the exceptions of Tasmania, due to quarantine restrictions.

Dan explaining about hedging bamboo plants

Tractor amongst mature non-invasive bamboo plants at the bamboo plant nursery