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Windbreak / Noise Barrier

The thick foliage of bamboo not only provides great screens and hedges, but can also be great as a windbreak or noise barrier. This is a feature that is becoming more popular in areas where roads are becoming busier and natural bushland is being removed.

Many varieties of bamboo, either tall or short, are perfect as a fast growing windbreak around orchards. The extra benefit this creates is that of a spray drift and odour barrier.

Living Bamboo Windbreak / Noise Barrier
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Bambusa spp. Albo-striata

Bambusa spp. Albo-striata

Common Name: Albo-Striata
Typical Height:5-7m
Typical Stem Size:2.5cm
Min Temperature:-12°C
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Dendrocalamus minor

Dendrocalamus minor

Common Name:Green Ghost
Typical Height:6m
Typical Stem Size:3cm
Min Temperature:-4°C
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