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The evergreen foliage of bamboo can be used to create an attractive hedge. As bamboo is fast growing, a hedge can be achieved faster than if more traditional hedging plants are used. Different clumping bamboos are available to achieve dwarf hedges, waist-high hedges or taller hedges/screens.

The bamboo can be cut to form a hedge like you would do for traditional hedging plants. This is best done after the new culms have grown to their full height in the spring/summer. Minor touch ups at other times of the year would be sufficient after this one major pruning.

Living Bamboo Hedging
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Bamboo pool screening

Bambusa boniopsis

Common Name:Bonnie Bamboo, Boniopsis
Typical Height:4m
Typical Stem Size:2cm
Min Temperature:-7°C
From $44.00

Bambusa guangxiensis

Common Name:Chinese Dwarf
Typical Height:4-6m
Typical Stem Size:6cm
Min Temperature:-4°C
From $44.00
Bambusa heterostachya variegated

Bambusa heterostachya variegated

Common Name:Malay Dwarf Variegated
Typical Height:3-4m
Typical Stem Size:2.5cm
Min Temperature:-2°C
From $27.50
Bambusa multiplex cv. Alphonse Karr

Bambusa multiplex cv. Alphonse Karr

Common Name:Alphonse Karr
Typical Height:4-5m
Typical Stem Size:2.5cm
Min Temperature:-12°C
From $33.00

Bambusa multiplex cv. Goldstripe

Common Name:Goldstripe
Typical Height:5-6m
Typical Stem Size:2.5cm
Min Temperature:-12°C
From $55.00