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If it is not possible to grow your bamboo in the ground, then there are a number of varieties that will suit being grown in pots or containers. It is important to not only select the correct variety for growing in a contained environment, but the correct container as well.

Bamboo grown in a container can achieve that tall straight screen or that nice bushy wind break/noise barrier, and is ideal for those balconies or patios with tight spaces.

The best varieties for growing in pots or containers are the smaller varieties. Please use our plant finder to identify the variety that will best suit your particular arrangement.

Living Bamboo Grow In Pot
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Bambusa eutuldoides var. Viridi Vittata

Common Name:China Gold
Typical Height:6-8m
Typical Stem Size:4cm
Min Temperature:-9°C
From $77.00
Bambusa spp. Albo-striata

Bambusa spp. Albo-striata

Common Name: Albo-Striata
Typical Height:5-7m
Typical Stem Size:2.5cm
Min Temperature:-12°C
From $33.00
Bambusa textilis var. gracilis

Bambusa textilis var. gracilis

Common Name:Gracilis, Slender Weavers
Typical Height:6-8m
Typical Stem Size:3cm
Min Temperature:-12°C
From $55.00